Brighton seafront


Little boxes ... for about £12,000.

She sells sea cells on the sea-shore

Brighton seafront regeneration is a success story. In the late 1990s new boutiques, clubs, and studios began to open in the small spaces located underneath the promenade, generating a new vibe and bringing the seafront to life at night.

With new public spaces being generated along the seashore below the promenade, new opportunities for cafes, shops and sports clubs were opened up. It also, clearly, increased the price for a beach hut, now on sale at about £11-12k.The one fly in the ointment is the west pier, which stands as a beautiful monument to the dysfunctional planning system in the UK. In need of renovation and bought by a private company in 1965, then listed to protect it from changes, bankrupting the owners, and then passed on to a Trust, it was the late 1980s before any restoration work began.

By the time Heritage Lottery Fund scheme had been agreed, the pier partially collapsed and was burnt out in 2003/2004. Then the HLF withdrew the funding. Well done all round.

At least it makes for a romantic structure. And consent has been granted for the i360 at the base of the pier, designed by the London Eye guys.


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