Vauville, Normandy: ‘shared’ street design

Vauville is a small village in Normandy, France. There is not heavy traffic throughout the day, although it becomes busier at peak hours and provides part of a tourist route.

A narrow road width, keeping traffic speeds slow, with a raised footpath on one side, and a footpath separated from the carriageway by a drainage channel, providing temporary road widening for passing vehicles, also slowing passing vehicles down. Minimal obtrusive signage.

A footpath on one side, with parking bays, garage and front door entrances delineated on the opposite side by a drainage channel and setts.

Temporary street closure without a song and dance.

Simple unobtrusive street lighting kept out of the way.

Separation of footway from carriageway without kerbs: the carriageway can be used by pedestrians and cyclists; refuge can be taken as necessary without needing to bump up kerbs.

Sustainable urban drainage.